Showers are one of the best features of a bathroom, providing a place for you to relax, unwind, and rejuvenate. However, when choosing a shower, many of us fail to understand the importance of water pressure systems, often ending up with ones which we hate or have a poor excuse of water trickle. While there are many types of showers available in the market, you need to understand how to pick the shower that fits your space, plumbing, preferences, and budget.

Budget is one of the preliminary factors when you even start to search for your new shower renovations. Knowing what you’re able to afford and what comes with that price range is a key factor in this decision-making process. When you consider cost, try to remember that every piece and part counts and adds up. You also want to try and be mindful of life expectancy. Trying to take the cheap way out with plumbing can actually cost you more in the long run. You want parts and fixtures that will be reliable and withstand a lifetime of use.

Deciding on the type of shower you want and like has a lot to do with the space available to you. Knowing the different shower styles, size, accessibility, and requirements will mean a lot in the end. The different styles you have as options are:

  • Walk-in showers
    • Walk-in showers are generally people’s first choices as they serve well to save space while also being an excellent addition to your bathroom. They can also have other features included, such as a bench or seat along with accessibility needs such as rods, etc., for support. Such showers are not just a place to have a bath but also to relax and rest in the absence of a bathtub. Also, you can easily accommodate a bath caddy to store all your bath essentials in a handy manner.
  • Bathtub / Shower Combo
    • Though walk-in showers act as a great addition to small bathrooms, the lack of bathtubs can be a downside. This is where the Bathtub / Shower Combo steps up and becomes one of the common utilities found in households. These are often contained to an edge-saving space while also providing you a rich bath experience.
  • Freestanding Tubs
    • Freestanding Tubs add a touch of sophistication. With their intricate detailing such as classic claw foot or smooth ceramic finish, Freestanding Tubs, in fact, render a vintage and yet cozy feels to your bathroom. Though configuring ceiling showers can be tricky, handheld showerheads often do the trick. In some cases, you can even find wall-mounted railings that support the shower, with the tub enclosed by curtains to still maintain the cozy and antique vibe.
  • Corner Showers
    • Corner Showers can be the most fitting options in cases of tiny bathrooms. There are often lots of corner spaces that are left neglected in almost every bathroom. Consequently, Corner Showers which are small, utility-rich and readily fitting in any bathroom are an ideal option to make use of the corners. Knowing your space availability and options means that you’re ready to look into your plumbing options to see what will fit with the style of shower you like.
  • Electric Showers
    • Electric showers are one of the most efficient and popular choices of showers that can work great for households. This very quick and easy-to-install type of shower draws water from the main cold-water supply, which, on demand or while use, heats up the water, and provides hot water in an instant. Even if your main heater is broken, there is always a supply of hot water on demand; and since this type of shower doesn’t store any of that hot water, it is extremely economical saving up to 99.7% of energy! In fact, did you know that higher the kilowatt power of the shower, better, and hotter is the flow? Thus, before buying, check the power rating of the electric shower without fail.
  • Mixer Showers
    • Mixer showers take in water supply from both hot and cold-water tank to deliver increased water flow rates. As the name suggests, it mixes the waters, controlling the flow through the showerhead which could either be fixed or adjustable. As a result, these are suitable for homes that have a fixed hot water supply, be it from a geyser or combination boiler. Some of them even feature temperature controls to enable you to set the right temperature. Suitably, some mixer showers have the provision of having pumps in case of decreased water pressure.
  • Eco Showers
    • Eco Showers regulate water usage in a shower enabling efficient use of water in any given pressure systems. This system could actually be incorporated in any given shower system where you select a temperature and keep it maintained. Interestingly, it offers 50 percent water reduction as compared to traditional water showers.
  • Power Showers
    • Power showers, as the name suggests, increase water pressure in homes to deliver a highly refurbishing shower. Power showers use a gravity-centric, tank-fed water system that boosts water flow with some of them even equipped with pumps to further increase pressure. Given these factors, it is extremely suitable for households with low water pressure and can also be combined with other variations like electric showers. However, it is not advisable for high-pressure systems.
  • Digital Showers
    • Digital showers have a remote device or a control panel to provide you with an assortment of interesting lifestyle settings that are the culmination of technology, design, style, and comfort of living. First, the panels can be located within 10 meters giving you the freedom of bathroom configuration. Second, the Power unit can be located in the top attic or airing cupboard for temperature changes and water flow controls. Third, the panels allow you to select custom temperature settings and other showering needs that are tailor-made to your liking, while the remote control can be employed for the same, even outside the showering area. On that note, you can understand the versatility and comfort of digital showers. And another added advantage is that no unsightly plumbing is visible as they are recessed within the wall.

The right shower comes with a lot of big decisions and time but can make a huge difference on comfort and style. Once you pick the right shower that works with your plumbing system you can read our blog on the best plumbing pipes for your home. For more questions about your bathroom call Ohio Buckeye Today.