Having to constantly unclog your toilet can be a hassle. Plus, sometimes a clogged toilet can just be an overall messy experience and can cause additional damage that will cost even more time and money. If your toilet clogs often, here are a few possible reasons why:

  • You’re Flushing Non-Flushable Items

Toilets are only meant to flush two things, human waste and toilet paper. You run the risk of clogging the toilet when flushing anything else. Common items people flush that they should not are wipes, Q-Tips,
tissues, paper towels, and feminine products. These types of items will build up in the pipes and eventually cause a clog. Keeping a garbage bin next to the toilet is a good idea so if you are ever thinking of
throwing these items in the toilet, you can just throw them in the garbage bin.

  • An Old Toilet

Old toilets are often called low flow, as they exert less pressure when flushed. This means that they often lack the pressure necessary to clean and clear the pipes properly. Modern toilets are improved way
beyond older toilets and are more efficient flushing. The best ways to fix this problem would be to either buy a new, more modern, toilet or to flush less.

  • Clogged Trap

The trap is the S-shaped tube separating the drain line and the bowl. This tube can get clogged simply by toilet paper or by flushing other items down the toilet that get stuck. When these items get stuck, they
can start to collect debris over time as you flush eventually causing a clog. Simply plunging the toilet will often be able to unclog it if this is the cause by sending all the debris all the way through the trap into the
drain. Sometime other debris that are having a hard time making it through the trap may require more care to fix. At this point, while it is possible to fix yourself, it is best to call a plumber to avoid mistakes
causing even higher costs.

  • Sewage Line Issues

Sewage line issues are not really preventable by homeowners. While they can be checked for by regular inspection, there are often not found until they become an issue. Common causes of sewage line issues
are corroded pipes, tree roots growing into the pipes, or partially blocked pipes. Sometimes these issues are caused by a problem with a major sewage line in your neighborhood. It is easy to identify if this is the
problem if multiple toilets in your house are having issues. This type of problem must be fixed by professionals.

  • Fill Valve Issues

The fill valve makes sure there is enough water to flush. When they tank on the back of your toilet does not fill with enough water, this can lead to more clogs. This is due to less water meaning a weaker flush,
meaning less power to push the debris through.

  • Plumbing Vent Issues

Modern plumbing includes a vent coming out of your roof that helps get a good flush and remove any gas build up. When this vent becomes blocked or damaged, this will cause a weaker flush which results in
more frequent clogs. When dealing with plumbing vent issues, it is best to call a professional as they are well equipped to handle these types of issues.

Don’t damage your toilet by continuously needing to unclog it. If it stays clogged for too long or gets clogged too often, the pipes can be damaged, and the toilet itself can corrode. Prevent further issues by following these simple tips.