Not every plumbing issue can be handled whenever a plumber is next available. Issues can arise that need immediate attention. When a pipe bursts or there is a gas leak, you do not have time to wait around. You have to get a plumber to come out right away.

“How would I go about that though?” you may be asking.

Many plumbing professionals actually offer emergency services!

Most plumbing companies put these emergency calls at a high priority and will answer at any time of day or night. It is best to call for emergency services are when you smell gas, a pipe bursts and flooding is occurring, and when a large storm has occurred, and you are worried that damage was done to your pipes.

Don’t worry if you’re not sure if it’s an emergency. When the plumber answers the phone, he will assess the situation based on what you tell them and go from there. If it is an actual emergency, someone will be out there within a few hours. Sometimes the plumber will even be able to walk you through how to hold off damage until they can come take a look at it during regular business owners to save you money!

One thing you need to make sure of when you have a plumbing emergency is that you don’t get nervous. Take a breath and call the plumber before you make any rash decisions that can cause costly damage.

If you have a plumbing leak:

  1. Turn off your water supply – You don’t want water continuously running through the pipe and causing even more of an issue, costing you more money in the long-run.
  2. Turn off electrical appliances – This can be incredibly dangerous, so the best way to do it is to turn off the main electrical switch.
  3. Don’t try to fix it on your own (if you make it worse, it’ll cost way more in the end) – The most you should really be doing is cleaning up as much water as you can before the plumber arrives. The less water the plumber has to deal with, the better (and less damage to your floor).

There are a lot of reasons to call a plumber. While most can be fixed within a few days, some need to be fixed immediately. Follow these tips, and save money by not doing even more damage.